Gate Posts

Gate Posts, Fencing and Gates by CD Ironworks

Malvern & Deer Park Gate Posts

These cast-iron gateposts are for use with our Deer Park and Malvern Gates and are available in 2 sizes.

These are our own design taken from original posts and recast providing a traditional and elegant gatepost.

Cotswold Decorative Ironworkers Malvern & Deer Park Gate Posts specifications & prices are as follows (Ex VAT):

Height (mm) above ground Below Ground (mm) Base Plate (mm) Prices
Small 1680 300 340 £1,095
Large 2000 300 400 £1,295

Round Posts

Our round posts come in 4 different sizes to match the type of gate you require from either a 3ft gate to our large 12ft gates. You can choose what type of cap you would like - either ball top or dome top. Prices and sizes to fit the posts are shown below.

60mm Suitable for 3ft £85
76mm Suitable for 4ft / 5ft / 6ft £95
100mm Suitable for 6ft / 7ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft £135
140mm Suitable for 6ft / 7ft / 8ft / 10ft / 12ft. Suitable for Malvern & Deer Park Gates £210
100mm Suitable for Deer Park Gates £135



All our caps have been produced to our own design and are made from cast iron. 

Please note that our gate caps are only available when purchase with either our gates or posts. Unfortunately we are unable to supply them separately.

Prices are as follows (Ex VAT):

Cast Iron Post Caps / Standard Ball Top £
60mm £15.00
76mm £20.00
100mm £30.00
140mm £45.00
Dome Top £
60mm £15.00
76mm £20.00
100mm £30.00
140mm £45.00