Standard 1000mm

1m Galvanised unpainted

Estate Fencing – 1.0m

Our 1m high estate fencing is ideal for gardens, driveways, parks and estate grounds, which follow the contours of the ground again providing a continuous boundary fence.

Cotswold Decorative Ironworkers Estate fencing 1.0m specifications & prices are as follows (Ex VAT):

Height (mm) above ground Rails No Top rail Horizontal Flat Bar (mm) Vertical Uprights (mm) Prices Units
1000 4 20mm round (25 x 8) x 3 40 x 10 £33.00 per m

CDI fencing is the best on the market:

  • It requires no welding – constructed using traditional methods
  • Made from galvanised steel for a long lasting fence, or economy ungalvanised steel.
  • Is lamb proof – All standard fencing is now provided with 3 holes supplied drilled for straining wire to reduce the gap between the rails.
  • Can be painted any colour – ask for more information
  • Can be made to your own specification which includes a “spade” buried below ground on fencing uprights or we can copy original fencing
  • Our fencing comes with a wide range of accessories – Click here
  • Gates compatible with this range are: 900mm / 1200mm / 1800mm wide, other sizes are available on request

See our Estate Fencing & Gates Gallery