Fitting Instructions

Fitting Instructions

Stage 1. Take a notched rail and lay on the ground, using the notches as a guage to locate the posts, which should be driven in until the bottom slot is 180mm above ground level.  The posts at each end of the rail should be 50mm width, with wide slots to accept 2 bars at the join, except at the end of a run, where it should have narrow slots.  All the intermediate posts are 40mm wide, with narrow slots.


Stage 2. With the posts in position, slide the notched rail into the top slot, using the appropriate width clips to lock the rail into position.


Stage 3. Next, slide the 20mm round bar into the top holes to ensure that it is positioned centrally in the sockets on the end two posts.  Tighten the locking screws under the sockets to secure the bar.


Stage 4. Finally, slide the 3 remaining flat bars into the bottom 3 slots, overlapping the joints equally at each end.